Not all E-rigs are built the same. Some are high tech, some just work as they’re intended. But each e-rig will have features unique and idiosyncratic to itself. In this list we break down some rigs that are truly special and bring smoking to another level. Hello style e-rigs are on the rise, and this list we highlight some of our favorite on the market today.

3rd place- Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig

In third place, we take a look at the Yocan Black Celestial E-Rig. This is a beautiful product at a very affordable price. Highlighting some key features, our main focus is the battery life. For each full charge, you get 45! Thats right, 45 sessions. That is by far one of the best charge life in an electronic wax rig. 

The other thing we absolutely love is the magnetic connection between the base and mouth piece. This makes reloading the atomizer extremely easy. And with the look and feel being this nice, it’s no wonder yocan has highlighted this product as  their flagship model in their Black Series. (Also the wireless charger charges your phone, we love this!)

Yocan Black


2nd place- Pulsar Sipper

In second place, we have the Pulsar Sipper. This thing is a tank and has so many features, it’s hard to compare and contrast amongst its peers. But things we’d like to highlight is the fact that it not only works with its designated triple quartz atomizer, but 510 thread cartridges!! This feature alone makes it top of its class. It’s as easy as switching to auto mode and watching the chamber fill up with those sweet vapors.

Another key feature is its borosilicate glass mouth piece can be filled with water making this an extremely enjoyable smoking experience. Letting the vapor sit in the base of the glass will already cool down the smoke, but with the added bubbler design, this thing takes the cake with the smoothness of each hit. 



1st place- Randy's Loov

And the champ that takes the belt, is Randy’s Loov. To us, this piece is unmatched. Not only in price, but build quality and user experience. This truly is a special E-rig that can enjoyed as it’s intended, to drink the vapors. The chamber fills up, and can be shared sipping or inhaled from the mouth piece. We’ve even seen consumers use straws!! How cool is that? We think very!

Other key features include dual dry herb and wax compatibility. It’s also compatible with 510 thread cartridges. This to use is why we think it’s the number one product on the market. And with a big battery and triple quartz coil, it really does shine among the rest.



Our Final Thoughts

Most E-rigs on the market use similar methods to traditional rigs. You have a heating source that melts the wax and is consumed by inhaling on the mouth piece. But in todays day and age, new and improved methods have always found their way on to the playing field. Whether you are looking for a party favorite that will have people talking, or just another cool rig to add to the collection, we feel these products will have you covered.

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