Randy’s path lite plus is a succession to the Path Plus and has all the features you need for a high quality nectar collector. from its durable metal body, to its clean hits due to its inner glass tube, we love this honey straw. But the main feature we wanted to highlight is its LED bulb for lighting up while lighting up (sort of speak) This patent pending LED let’s you see what your hitting, even in the dimmest lite environments.


Path Lite Plus

How to Use


To use the Path Lite Plus is no different then any other honey straw. The body has a single button functionality. To turn on and off, press the button 5 times. To activate the auto draw function, press the button twice. This honey straw has three temp setting that can be switched hitting the nectar collectors button three times. Simply find the desired heat you’re looking for and dip away into your favorite concentrate.

Design of the Path lite plus

The design of the Path Lite Plus is worth every penny. The body of the piece is made of metal, and houses a glass tube that connects the crushed quartz coil tip to the plastic mouth piece. The battery is a good size at 650 mAh and houses a usb-c charging port for fast charging times. But what makes this thing shine (literally) is its patent pending led light near the tip of the straw, that helps light up your session no matter what setting you find yourself in. To protect the tip from unwanted contaminants, the path lite has a silicone cap with tether for the mouthpiece, and a heavy duty coil cap to help keep the quartz coil clean.


Path Lite Plus

Temperature settings

Randy’s Path Lite Plus has three temp settings. They range from 2.5, 3.0 and 3.8 volts. This is a nice range of temperatures as it allows for either tastier controlled hits, or large vapor clouds at higher temps. 

Pros of the PAth lite plus

– LED light for dark environments 

– auto draw activation

– usb-c charging port 

– clog resistant design

– 510 thread compatibility 

– crushed quartz coil tip

– all Glass airpath

– sleek comfortable body shape


Path Lite Plus

Overall Impressions

For the price of the Path Lite Plus, you are getting a very high quality product. We recommend using this straw for concert settings and camp ground adventures due to its LED light. It’s the best choice for anyone looking to vape in dark setting. And still SHINES in well lite rooms too.


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