The Randy’s Loov is a new device on the market that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with electronic rigs. Instead of inhaling on a mouthpiece, the Loov uses a method that fills up a cup for the consumer to sip on. This isn’t just a collectible piece but also an amazing way to cool down and slowly enjoy those sweet vapors. Packed with features, we think the Randy’s Loov is a new method that’ll be on the market for a very long time.



How to Use

To use this electronic rig is quite simple. Turn on the the base by clicking the button on the front 5 times. To cycle through the 4 heat presets, click the same button 3 times. There are two methods to start the atomizer, one is manual mode that requires the user to hold down the button on the front until the desired amount of vape has filled the glass chamber. The other is to engage auto mode. Press the button on the front twice and watch as the vapor fill the cup. Auto mode lasts for 30 seconds and shuts off once it runs its course. Simply remove the glass chamber from the base and sip on the smoke. Or use a straw. Either way, enjoying smoke has never been more fun!

Design of Randy's Loov

The design is of the Randy’s Loov is very nice. Included in the package is a base, borosilicate glass chamber, and two atomizers. The charge port is a USB type C so no need to worry about charge times. To reach full charge takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. The atomizer is an industry leading triple quartz coil, and comes preprogrammed with 4 heat settings. If you are looking for a solid product with great build quality, this is the e-rig for you. The battery is also quite large, at 1600 mAh.


Loov Glass Replacement

Temperature settings

The temp setting the Randy’s Loov comes programmed with is perfect for all types of smokers. whether you’re a novice and want to start slow, or a seasoned player wanting a memorable smoking experience, the Loov has got you covered. The voltage ranges from 2.5 volts- 4.0 volts and is color indicated. Yellow is at 2.5v, blue is at 3.0v, green at 3.5v and red at 4.0v. Whether you want the chamber to be a tasteful experience, or you’re looking for a thick cloud to sip on, the ranges hit for every type of session.

Pros of Randy's Loov

– large battery; 1600 mAh

– nice heat range

– auto mode for ease of use

– auto shut off after 20 mins

– triple quartz coil

– usb-c charging

– dry and wax compatible

– 510 thread compatible 


Loov Coils

Overall Impressions

The Randy’s Loov is a very niche piece that enhances any smokers session. Instead of the typical draw from a mouthpiece, the Loov is a “sip style” consumption that has everyone raving about his rig. Easily shareable, this e-rig is something worth talking about. And if you’re looking for an unconventional way to vape, this is the rig for you.

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