The Pulsar Sipper is a Revolutionary E-Rig that changes the way we think about consuming concentrates. This Portable Hydration Cup e-rig is so unique we had to publish an article about it. In short, it’s a bubbler vaporizer that is inhaled by sipping on the glass mouth piece for a smooth hit. This is not only a party favorite, but for those looking for a less harsh smoke to hit, this is the e-rig for you. 



How to Use

Using the Pulsar Sipper is very straight forward. To use, first open the magnetic cover on the base. Attach either the loaded wax atomizer or 510 thread cartridge using the supplied cart adaptor. Then place the base back on the magnetic piece. Finally attach the glass bubbler piece. To turn on, press the activation button on the front of the base 5 times, This will unlock the rig. Then choose your desired heating level. The LED light will indicate the voltage level. Yellow is the lowest at 2.5 volts. Then blue at 3.0 volts, green at 3.5 volts and red at 4.2 volts. There are two modes with the pulsar sipper, Manual mode and automatic mode. To enable manual mode, touch and hold down the button in the front. To enable automatic mode, press the button on the base twice. The glass bubbler has a carb cap that needs to stay open when filling. The vapor will slowly escape the bubbler indicating a ready to hit e-rig. Once ready cover the carb and enjoy!

Design of the Pulsar sipper

The design of the Pulsar Sipper is not out of the norm with most e-rigs. There is a bubbler mouth piece made up of borosilicate glass, which connects to a rubberized body. What makes the Sipper shine is the type of concentrates it uses, as well as the internal pump system. There are two ways of enjoying concentrate. First is to attach the triple quartz coil wax atomizer and load with the desired amount of wax (we recommend starting slow) The second method of vaping is to attach the 510 thread cartridge. This is a game changer as no other e-rig on the market has this feature. Simply connect the adaptor to the cart and attach to the body of the sipper. Once the sipper is activated, an air pump fills the glass bubbler with vapor allowing the vapor to cool off before consumption. And with an added water bubbler feature, each hit becomes a very smooth experience.


Sipper Bubbler Cup

Temperature settings

The Temperature settings on the Pulsar Sipper is another very unique feature as it has 4 heating modes, as opposed to the standard 3. They are 2.5v, 3.0v, 3.5v and 4.2v and with a 5-10 second heat up time, makes the Pulsar Sipper ahead of its class. The battery is quite large at 1500 mAh and takes about an hour and a half to a full charge. It comes equipped with a USB-C charging port for much faster charging times.

Pros of the Pulsar sipper

– Dual use concentrate atomizer or 510 thread cartridge

– Hands free auto fill bubbler

– vibration alert

-detachable bubbler cup

-10 minute inactivity auto set off

– LED lights for temp settings

– triple quartz coil for quick chamber vapor fill-up

– 4 heating settings


Triple Quartz coil atomizer

Overall Impressions

Our overall impression of the Pulsar Sipper is its a unique piece with so many interesting and cool features. The Sipper is a new take on smoking as you ultimately sip the cup of vapor. The Sipper is definitely a party favorite with an easy sharable detachable cup. And if you are new to vaping and are afraid of the harsh temperature of the vapor, the ability to sip and monitor the amount of vapor that enters your lungs, makes this our favorite e-rig to take out for a drive. 

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