The Pulsar ROK is an electronically controlled dab rig or e-rig for short. Easily compared to the Puffco Peak or Carta 2, the Pulsar ROK has many features not seen in other e-rigs. This is why we thought highlighting this product was a necessity. From dual wax/ dry herb atomizer, to the inverted design, the Pulsar ROK is easily one of the nicer e-rigs on the market. 



How to Use

To use the Pulsar ROK is very simple to use. To start, fill the borosilicate glass bubbler with water. Fill the water right above the disc percolator for best results. After the bubbler base is filled, attach the base to the body by snapping them in place locking the two pieces together. Follow by filling the quartz atomizer with the desired amount of concentrate. For dry herb, attach the ceramic cup atomizer. With a one system, this e-rig is one of the easiest to use. 5 clicks turns the rig on, three clicks changes the heat settings. To activate ROK mode, press the front button twice. This will keep a constant heat for 30 seconds for even hits. Once heated, place the carb cap over the atomizer and inhale into the mouthpiece, then ENJOY!!

Design of the Pulsar ROK

The design of the Pulsar ROK is very high quality. The Glass Bubbler is made of thick borosilicate glass. The body is made of metal with a matte black finish. Attached to the downstream is a disc percolator. And one of our favorite features is the silicone collar around the atomizer for heat protection as well as a silicone splash guard mouth piece. The battery is quite large at 1350 mAh and  has a micro usb port. The battery life gives about 30 sessions per charge. But what separates this e-rig from the rest is the inverted design. Most e-rigs consist of the glass base sitting above the battery, as opposed to the reverse. With this design, makes for a nice smooth hit and easy to access atomizer. This machine also has a single button function similar to the Puffco Peak.


ROK downstem

Temperature settings

There are three temperature settings with the Pulsar Rok. They are 3.4 volts, 3.6 volts, and 3.8 volts. The color settings indicate the temperature settings with green being the lowest, blue in the middle, and red being the highest voltage setting. This rig is amazing with battery life giving the user 30 sessions per charge. The temp settings range between 480 degrees and 675 degrees.

Pros of the Pulsar ROK

– dual concentrate/ dry herb atomizer

– easy to use one button functionality

-very portable

-coilless quartz 

– disc percolator

– large battery

-silicone mouth piece for comfort

– silicone atomizer collar for heat protection.


ROK Quartz Coil

Overall Impressions

If the rig you’re looking for is powerful with great quality at an affordable price, the Pulsar Rok is the e-rig for you. It comes loaded with features found in its competitors without the heavy price tag. We really love the dual functionality of wax/ dry herb atomizer. Whatever your preferred substance, the Pulsar ROK has you covered. 

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