The Pulsar 510 Dunk is a 2-in-1 nectar collector that doubles as a cart battery. This revolutionized nectar collector has two coil tips included as well as a cartridge connector for oil based vapor. The Pulsar Dunk comes loaded with features and is at the top of our list for versatile cart batteries. 



How to Use

To use the Pulsar Dunk, one needs to decide whether they want to smoke wax via the ceramic tips, or the 510 thread piece for oil cartridges. To use is very simple…For wax hits, attach one of the two ceramic tips included in the package. The tips included are 1 ceramic dual coil tip, used for a thick body of smoke. The other tip is a ceramic tube coil tip, used to retain and maximize flavor. Simply attach the tip, press the button on the body 5 times to turn on, press and hold the same button, dipping the tip into wax while inhaling into the silicone mouthpiece. 

The other method is to attach a cartridge with a 510 thread. The same method applies when hitting the cartridge as it does with the ceramic tip. 

Design of the Pulsar Dunk

The design of the Pulsar Dunk is quite nice. The body of the battery is made of zinc alloy for a solid feel in the hands. The mouthpiece is made out of silicone to protect lips from overheating. There are two tips included; a ceramic dual coil tip, and a ceramic tube coil tip. Each tip comes with a silicone sleeve and for easy access, the tip can be stored in the body of the battery. The pathway is made up of a glass tube, for maximum flavor retention. The entire battery is controlled by one button. This button changes voltage, turns the device on and off as well as turning on the preheat function. It also comes equipped with a usb-c charging port for fast charging times.



Temperature settings

The Pulsar Dunk has three temperature settings. They are 3.4 volts 3.7 volts and 4.0 volts. These settings are controlled by the button on the body of the battery using three taps to switch between these settings. There is also an overheat protection built into the battery.

Pros of the Pulsar ROK

– 2 in 1 cart battery/ nectar collector

– large 750 mAh battery

– Overcharge Protection

– Short circuit protection

– overheat protection

– auto shutoff

– two ceramic tips included

– usb-c charging port



Overall Impressions

Our overall impression of the Pulsar Dunk is its something quite unique in its own right. Not only is it a nectar collector, but doubles as a cart battery for a wide range of concentrate consumption. If you’re looking for an all-in-one wax experience, the Pulsar Dunk is the Battery for you.

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