The Puffco Peak Pro Smart Rig is a predecessor to the Puffco Pro and shines like no other E-Rig. With a fully customizable experience pairing with the pufco app, this e-rig is something special. There are many key features to the PuffCo Peak Pro that we’ll get into in just a second. If you are looking for the cream of the crop with e-rigs, this is the choice for you.


Peak Pro Smart Rig

How to Use

Using The PuffCo Peak Pro is pretty straight forward, and with the one button operation, makes this e-rig very easy to use. To start off, charge the Peak Pro until it has a full charge. Each Charge gives about 30 dab sessions. Next fill the mouthpiece bubbler with water. Push the front end of the glass mouth piece into the base, lining up the connection holes, then click into place. To turn the device on, hold down the button in the front until the light indicates it’s on. Fill the chamber with concentrate but do not over fill it. To start the rig, press the button twice and wait until the heat chamber has reached the desired temperature (the base will vibrate 3 times.) Then pull through the mouth piece dragging slowly to maximize vapor production. Finally, double click the front button two more times to extend the session 15 seconds. Drag from the mouth piece and enjoy the vapor. It’s recommended to clean the rig after each use.

Design of the Puffco Peak Pro


The design of the PuffCo Peak Pro is what separates it from the rest of the e-rigs in its class. With a hand blown borosilicate glass chamber, and its twisted inner glass chamber design with precision laser cut percolator slots, the mouth piece alone is something worth writing about. The ceramic atomizer chamber is 40% larger than the PuffCo Pro and included is a new oculus carb cap with patented 3D chamber joystick carb. The base is made of high quality metal with a matte finish leaving the e-rig with a clean looks.


Hot Knife dab loading tool

Temperature settings

The Heat settings are some of the most customizable on the market, and come integrated with an intelligent temp control system. The Temperature ranges from 450 degrees to 620 degrees fahrenheit. There are 4 temp settings: low, ,medium, high, and peak and can be altered using the dedicated app. The heat times a bit slower with a 30 second wait time, but worth every second

Pros of the Peak Pro

– Hand blown borosilicate glass

– dedicated app for customization

-new oculus carb cap with 3d chamber joystick carb

-large 1700 mAh battery

-Single button operation

-double water capacity

-intelligent temp control system, measures and re-adjusts temps

-precision laser cut slots


3D chamber

Overall Impressions

Our overall impression of the PuffCo Peak Pro Smart Rig is extremely positive. This is one of the best e-rigs on the market and it’s no mystery why. The features from the app alone make this piece worth every penny. And the new 3D chamber makes for a much cleaner hit leaving the taste in the vapor. We highly recommend this product if you are looking for the cream of the crop.

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