The Puffco Peak Pro Guardian is considered to be one of the best electronic dab rigs on the market. When we break down the key features and design of the guardian, we understand why this e-rig is considered best in its class. From a huge ceramic atomizer, to the beautiful chrome aluminum alloy body, this machine will have the most seasoned dabbers saying, “wow that’s amazing” 


Peak Pro Guardian

How to Use

Using the Puffco peak pro guardian is easy. First load the wax into the atomizer, place the carb cap on the top of the atomizer, press the button in the front twice to preheat, and wait 15 seconds until you rip a nice tasty dab hit. There are about 30 sessions per charge and with the “sesh mode” sharing this e-rig has never been easier. 

Design of the Pulsar ROK

The design of the Puffco Peak Pro Guardian is quite beautiful. The body is made up of a chrome aluminum alloy band. The base is made of a metallic transparent silicone. The glass is a hand blown borosilicate glass that is in an art deco style. There are 4 preprogrammed heat settings, and comes equipped with light up animation programmed using the dedicated Puffco Peak Pro app. The usb type c port is a nice feature for fast charging. It also has a wireless charging base (sold separately) the battery is quite large at 1800 mAh and takes about 2 hours until it has a full charge. And the highlight in the design is the 3D chamber atomizer. It not only heats up from the ceramic base, but also the sides of the chamber. And did we mention it’s 40% bigger than its predecessor. This machine is quite a big upgrade.


Peak Pro Power Dock

Temperature settings

There are 4 temp settings programmed into the Peak Pro. The heat temperature is 492 degrees Fahrenheit (blue light) 510 degrees Fahrenheit (green light) 530 degrees Fahrenheit (red light) and 545 degrees Fahrenheit (white light) But what makes this machine special is the ability to program your very own heat temps using the dedicated Bluetooth controlled app. The machine in auto mode takes around 30 seconds until the desired temp has been reached, which helps keep the taste of the wax intact in the vapor.

Pros of the Peak Pro Guardian

– heating tracers in the ceramic bowl

– usb-c charge port 

– light animation

– auto sleep function

– 30 session per battery life 

– hand blown borosilicate glass

– 3D atomizer 40% bigger than the original 

– wireless charging capabilities

– comes with a travel case

– large 1700 mAh battery


Peak Pro Travel Glass

Overall Impressions

We really love all of Puffco products. And the Peak Pro Guardian is the cherry on top. Such an elegant machine, we thought it worthy to write about. This is really the cream of the crop when it comes to e-rigs. If you’re looking for the best in class, look no further. The Puffco Peak Pro Guardian is here for your smoking needs.

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