The Focus V Carta 2 can be simply put as a “Dab Rig.” But has quite some unique features, and for this reason we will call it a Hybrib Vaporizer. It’s best of both worlds. Gone are the days where dabs are hit from a hot nail. In short, it has the functionality of a dab rig with ease of use as a vaporizer. And with a added feature of a dry herb atomizer, this thing takes the cake!

Focus V

Carta 2

How To Use It

The Carta 2 is a bubbler rig that works similarly to a vaporizer. The consumer starts off by removing the glass bubbler from the body, and fills the glass attachment with water, about 2/3’s the way up. After filling the glass piece with water, set it down and proceed with removing the atomizer. Once removed, fill the atomizer with the desired amount wax onto the ceramic base. Then place the atomizer back into the body. Once filled, attach the glass bubbler back onto the base. Hit the power button 5 times to turn the machine on , and hit the activation button while pulling through the glass mouth piece. Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Design of the Carta 2

The Carta 2 has a very simple design with minimal components. The piece consists of a glass bubbler, main base, and a ceramic atomizer. The overall size is small and compact, around 3 inches wide by 6 inches tall. The OLED display is beautiful and a big upgrade from the Carta 1. It is also equipped with a “choke” carb cap that allows the consumer to adjust the resistance of the drag. The materials of the carta 2 make this machine shine. The glass bubbler is a thick, high quality product making hits smooth and allowing the smoke to retain all its flavor. The body of the machine is made up of plastic covered in rubberized silicone. And the main components are made up of ceramic. All in all, this piece is well engineered and made with durability in mind.

Carta 2 Dry Herb Atomizer

Temperature Settings

The Focus V Carta 2 has some of the most advanced temperature control on the market. Paired with the mobile app, the Carta 2 is something special. The wide range of temperature spans from 140 degrees fahrenheit to 842 degrees fahrenheit, making it one of the best temperature ranges compared to its competitors (most electronic dab rigs temperatures range from 300-700 degrees fahrenheit).

Pros of the Carta 2


– State of the art Ceramic atomizer 

– Pass through charging allowing dab hits while plugged in

– very durable

– easy to use

– Good airflow

– quality materials

-mobile app to pair

– wireless charging (sold separately)


Carta 2 replacement Chamber

Overall Impression

The Focus V Carta 2 is an electronic dab rig that pushes the boundaries, boderlining as a vaporizer. This thing has it all, and with the RGB led lights, the aesthetic of the Carta 2 makes this machine something very unique and special. It also uses new and improved ceramic atomizer that heats wax evenly. But the cherry on top is the heat function. whether you want a thin drag with a smooth finish, or a thick hot cloud of smoke, the Carta 2 delivers it all.

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